Some mysterious new Google gadget just passed by the FCC

Every so usually, a mysterious new device passes by means of the FCC that piques our consideration. At times the listing outright states what we are wanting at, even giving us info on unannounced telephones. Other situations — these types of as currently — the gadget stays an enigma. A new product from Google has produced its way by the FCC, but only time will convey to what it genuinely is.

This FCC submitting describes a “Wi-fi Streaming Device” with the design variety GJQ9T (by using If this sort of listing seems common, it really is mainly because we observed a very similar gadget from Google at the FCC a few months back. At the time, we speculated it was possible a new Nest Cam of some type, rumors that came to fruition these days pursuing the announcement of all-new Nest solutions. As for what this particular product could be, your guess is as good as ours.

Of class, we can always consider to speculate. Based mostly on the timing of the submitting, the very best guess would seem to be some new Chromecast design. Final year’s Chromecast with Google Tv set also passed by means of the FCC in August, sporting the model selection GZRNL. Having said that, that gadget was listed as an “Interactive Media Streaming Product,” not a “Wi-fi Streaming Machine.” Regardless of whether that’s adequate to squash the possibility of a successor to Google’s most recent dongle, we will have to hold out to obtain out.

Outdoors of a new Chromecast, there are not any other typical suspects. This morning’s announcement appears to be to rule out any sort of new Nest components, although Wi-Fi 5 aid crosses significant-conclusion Pixel Buds off the listing.

Personally, I might like to see a refresh for Google’s most the latest streaming gear. I genuinely get pleasure from employing my Chromecast, but I have by now bumped up in opposition to the restricted storage quota, and I know I am not by itself. Whatever it is, it could strike keep cabinets alongside the impending Pixel 6, just in time for the holiday season.